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New: Catching Motso

image Looking after his sister’s adopted daughter was never part of Shane Collins’ plan. Changing the world and becoming the next Bill Gates—that was the plan. Writing software, living on his own and being awkward around women, these are things he knows about. But taking care of a four-year-old girl of colour . . . well there isn’t a manual or FAQ for that as far as he knows.

Reader Reviews

“A heart-warming story of a self-absorbed young man, a little orphan girl and the events that help to change him into a person of depth and feeling. This very human story moves one as tragedy and the hard knocks of life take their toll. But it’s the resilience and generosity in the human spirit that shines through and wins the day. And that leaves one with feeling of satisfaction, having met and known Shane and Motso.” Anthony Duigan - journalist & communications executive.

“Catching Motso invites us on a journey. Within its pages we discover sorrow entwined with joy, doubt bathed in hope, isolation grappling with connection, and one man’s search for meaning in the tumult of loss. In this, Shane’s story, we find reflections of our own.” Rachel Richardson - literary editor.

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